Leonid Bugaev
business trainer, author, mentor, TEDx and keynote speaker.

Advisor and consultant for top companies like Google, Microsoft, Toyota, KPMG, Raiffeisen, Orange Business.

Mentor of fast-growing startups.

ex-Curator of the "Digital Product Design" course, British Higher School of Design.
Overcome limits for your company.

Save your money, time and gain new resources. Excel at communication.
Get a professional presentation for your event.
Learn how to develop business relationships through networking workshops or trainings with your Key Partners and Clients
How to develop a trustworthy business relationships
Sales with Key Clients.
How to develop relationships with 10x clients. Do's and don'ts of working with Key Clients. How to become the Best Advisor for your Best Client.
Learn how to establish and develop business relations on the go via e-mail, short messages and chats.
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People needs connections
«Business relationships require building strong bonds between people and deep understanding.

Mobile networking, if used correctly, is a powerful tool for success»
Keith Ferrazzi
author of the "Never Eat Alone" book
Keynote speaking and events
Get a professional presentation for your event.
publications and articles
«Mobile networking: how business relationships are born»
and «Mobile Marketing: How to Charge Your Business in the Mobile World»
Facilitation Sessions
Facilitation sessions, brainstorms (brainstorming) and strategic sessions for companies and departments.
Commercial schools and universities
Teach responsibly. Work with universities, schools and corporate universities.
Online Events
Online training for developing companies, corporate universities and regional commercial schools, universities and accelerators.
Business connections
for complex projects
in large companies
Consulting for corporate clients
Сonsulting services in the field of complex communication tasks.
  • Networking and Goverment Relations / Public Affairs
  • Marketing: digital marketing, mobile marketing
  • Strategic Sessions: Strategy into Tactics
  • Communication strategy development
Our Clients
  • Naila Zamashkina
    Chief Operating Officer, Fintech Lab
    "This is the second time I've attended Leonid Bugaev's networking training. I am amazed at the versatility of the process - making contacts, maintaining and developing already established contacts. The mechanics are familiar, but you take them in a new way. And you draw new conclusions, and immediately outline the tracker's habit steps that will lead to the goal.

    With great respect, I have a systemic = volumetric understanding of the business process, for which I thank Leonid. Understanding the big picture gave me the opportunity to answer the question "Why do I need this?" and "How do I proceed next?". There are answers. So there's a move on. "
  • Margarita Gavrikova
    Education Producer, Netology
    I want to thank Leonid: with him we qualitatively reworked the lesson and made it so useful. Here is one of the student reviews (no filters):

    The most positive experience! This is the right thing to start with! We met and began to trust each other! They understood that we are all different, but we are united by problems and common interests!

    I agree that this is the right beginning for such long-term programs :)
  • Dmitry
    Digital Director course participant, Netology
    The lecture, for me, is amazing, very timely and inspiring. I went to the courses for the purely technical side, but Leonid changed the attitude and attitude towards working in our group.

    It may sound a little utopian, but trust and openness are now greater, which means the effectiveness of the course, I hope it will be higher.

    Leonid is a very strong specialist and a great fellow. The idea of starting a networking workshop with his participation meets all expectations.
«Google is always providing educational trainings for its customers.

In the person of Leonid Bugaev, we have found a wonderful partner — a person who tells stories of success in mobile marketing in an exciting, professional and charismatic way»
Vladimir Dolgov
ex-CEO Google Russia
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