Help find sports
for life and achievements
When you find energy and sport, everything goes well.
You find your vector of development.

Find your path to energy
In the daily race, it's easy to forget your strength. Give up positions. Sit on a mountain of achievements and slide into a routine of boredom. Don't forget about it. Every day.
Leonid Bugaev
runs to live: shows you how to turn your life around, say goodbye to bad habits, lose 25kg and enjoy sporting achievements while staying in tune with work challenges and projects.
Every day anew
Unlock your achievements daily. Conquer laziness, boredom and sadness with your victories. Repeat.
I go in for sports almost daily and all year round: in Moscow, Thailand, on the islands, in the mountains, by the seas and oceans. During this time, I dropped a quarter of a centner, brought more than a dozen people to the sport and began to help sports brands by running marathons every year and showing how you can live in motion, mobile.
Leonid Bugaev
founder of
MaxEffect: maximum efficiency methodology
Motivation. The energy of achievement.
Leonid goes in for sports all year round: in Moscow, Thailand, on the islands, in the mountains, by the seas and oceans.
I help sports brands
Favorite brands and projects:
Adidas #wakeRayon, Runtastic, New Balance, Suunto, Garmin, Puma, Jabra.
Write if you have a product that deserves the attention of a sports audience. We will discuss the formats of a possible partnership.
Finisher of seven Moscow marathons from 2013 to 2019. In 2018, he could not run a four-hour marathon - and thought about stopping running. In 2019, I rebuilt the training schedule; ran out of four hours by September. I continue to run with the RRUNS running group, every day I strive for the hashtag #notadaywithoutsports
Andrey Onistrat ("Running Banker") and Leonid Bugaev
with Mikhail Ivanov (Smart Reading and MIF publishing house)
Vladimir Voloshin and Leonid Bugaev
at the finish of the fitst marathon
Leonid Bugaev and Andrei Kirilenko
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