Key customers:
how to build sales through
trusting relationship
and understanding customer goals
  • How to build and develop relationships with a 10x clients
  • How to be the best key account manager

Advanced practical training for key account managers: for key account managers.
A KEY customer is a customer that
significantly affects the company's revenue.
Leonid Bugaev
author of "Mobile Networking" book
We are working on complex tasks: reaching the «High Flight Birds»: people who have achieved a lot and who can qualitatively change the state of the projects in which you participate.
Why us
Our advantage in practice. We know how to sell services and complex goods with checks of up to $ 8 million.
We pay attention not to theory, but to developing the skills of each project participant. This is the opportunity to overcome barriers and grow up in the profession.
We invest in training your team. We teach communication with key customers. We show how difficult decisions are made. We are working on a strategy. We change communication and sales skills taking into account new introductory ones: digital, instant messengers, lack of time for communication, superficial communication and forgetfulness (on both sides: on the part of your employees and on the part of your customers).
Ideal audience
  • Revenue producing Organizations
  • C-Level Retail, Sales Organizations
  • Sales Conferences
  • Management Conference
  • Sales Staff
  • Heads of Sales
  • Account Managers who want to become Key Account Manager
  • Heads of departments, business units and directions who are interested in developing their team.
  • HR directors who understand the need for continuous development of soft skills among employees
Work stages
Let's start with communication
We start with simple questions: what hurts? Who do I need to communicate with? Where are we and where does communication begin? We are working on the first step to achieve the goal by the client.
When to get acquainted? Workflow
What does the process of building trust consist of? How to get it at the beginning of communication - and how not to lose it?
What's the output?
Open doors.
Your employees will be able to communicate with complex people easily. Here is what you get. Skill of entry and opening of hard-to-open doors. Each of your trained employees.
Leonid Bugaev
business trainer, author, mentor, speaker.

Advisor and consultant for top companies like Google, Microsoft, Toyota, KPMG, Orange Business.

Mentor of fast-growing startups.

ex-Curator of the "Digital Product Design" course, British Higher School of Design.
SKILLS you can get
  • Qualitative growth as a key account manager: key account manager.
  • Development of a network of contacts with Birds of high flight (opinion leaders / decision makers / gray cardinals / decision makers)
  • Building a secure relationship (they begin to trust you)
  • Building trust
  • The study of human characteristics in key areas: the pyramids
  • Work with politicians / government officials: features of communication
  • 10X Clients: The ability to distinguish between high-value customers and 'normal' customers
  • Trust and relationship development: the ability to maintain and develop communication
  • Barriers to communication / how to overcome them
  • Quiet success examples. Places / People / Cases
Course Price
from $199
per participant
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We help large organizations, corporations, and their employees use the most effective communication capabilities.

Using networking and mobile technologies, we teach how to communicate quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

We show how to develop business relationships and find a common language with key people: customers, colleagues, partners, customers, suppliers, investors, mentors.
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