C-Level sales
C-Level sales and networking for service B2B companies

  • Sell to new customers
  • Sell to the customers you couldn't reach before
  • CEO, CMO, CFO, CIO, CBDO and other C**: build trust, learn to sell at a new level

C-Level executives - «first persons of the company», top managers:
members of the board of directors and those who report directly to them
Developing relationships with high level people: C-Level (CEO-level or "C minus 1"): "High-flying birds."

C-Level executives tend to be hard to reach and deliberately put up extra challenges: employees who guard their time and focus.

The training allows you to work your way up in 4-6 sessions to C-Level sales, which many companies take 1.5-2 years to overcome.
C-Level Sales - sales to the top of the company or "high-flying sales"
For whom
  • For employees of companies in the field of sales of technological products and services;
  • Business owners with a big service component (human factor influence at the stage of selling a service is the highest);
  • Employees in B2B sales (digital products)
  • Teams of successful startups that need to refine their value proposition "through the eyes of a C-level customer"
Sales and key account managers
Shorten the communication cycle, learn how to build relationships and sell to the next level
Heads of sales departments
Understand how to effectively build relationships with directors of large companies who are leaders in their verticals.
Business owners with a high service component
Learn how to most effectively utilize the impact of the human factor in the selling phase of a service/agency.
where you can use
C-Level Sales & Networking
  1. Long transaction cycle. It takes months or years to sell a solution.
  2. High level of management involvement.
  3. More than one participant in the buying decision.
  4. High transaction value - not hundreds of thousands, but millions
  5. Requires a high level of trust in the solution provider (at the human level)
  6. Customer experience needs to be managed.
  7. Engage with the customer at the highest level
What we will implement
  • Learning how to reach C-Level with minimal risks for your projects
  • Start talking and thinking like a C-Level (CEO, CPO, CFO, CTO, CBDO of international companies)
  • Level-up on the scale of your deals and projects: get to the next level
  • Understand the differences between the goals and objectives of people from the "second circle" (C-Level environment)
  • Understand contradictions through the lens of roles in large corporations and high-growth startups
  • Learn to speak differently using different types of communication
  • Share experiences with other students
  • Gain experience in different communication models.
What will NOT happen
tips like "how to dress for a meeting" or "how to copy the interviewer" and other popular tricks for basic sales trainings
  • Four classes online

    online workshop training.

    3 comprehensive modules closing the entire C-Level, attitude development and closing sales cycle. Last module with finalization of each participant's goals.
  • Personal

    Feedback to each training participant from the program instructors.
  • Personal

    Personal Brand Regalia.
    We'll put together a set of materials for your employees to help them reach the C-Level from a position of expertise
  • Templates
    and materials

    Templates and methodological materials for using and refining your skills
  • You are able to reach out to C-Level executives and sell complex solutions
  • You can clearly communicate benefits in business language (not technical language)
  • You are able to build relationships in a multi-customer situation within a project
  • Understand how to qualify customers and how to communicate with them in different ways
  • Know the implicit and explicit needs of C-Level customers.
Conducts courses for large companies (Google, Microsoft, KPMG, ByteDance, Gazprom Neft, Toyota, Promsvyazbank, MTS).

Author of the «Mobile Networking» methodology and training, author of the book of the same name.

Leonid Bugaev
Russia's leading networking practitioner
Course Program
Developing trust and negotiating with C-Level clients

  • Types of PCAD clients: Perfectionist, Communicator, Activist, Detail-oriented
  • Personal goals of different types of clients. Utilization of differences
  • Workshop: analyzing your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • How communication in negotiations changes depending on the type of PCADTrust and power Small Talk
  • Testing boundaries
  • Developing Social Interactions; moving to Business Interaction
  • Deadlocks: when we don't understand each other. Breaking deadlocks
  • Fixing agreements: communicating in different channels and the complexities of understanding
  • Project, small project, partnership and its types.
  • What to do if there is a negative experience ("distrust of related parties").
  • Workshop: negotiations with different horizons

Networking in sales: how to close high deals

  • Typical mistakes in selling services or projects
  • Types of deals and their complexity
  • Map your contacts. How to develop C-Level connections
  • Time. Volume. Quantity. Pyramid of deals
  • Trust as the foundation of complex deals
  • Getting to know your ideal client better: interests
  • Workshop: representation through interests
  • The 90 second rule
  • How to get into a conversation
  • How to keep the conversation going
  • How to get out of a conversation
  • The rule of the third gentleman
  • Hubs: How to build bridges
  • Types of communication channels
  • The most effective methods of reaching the C-Level
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different communication channels
  • The ingredients for success in corporate negotiations.
  • The 5C rule: five components of career success
  • Why the Internet doesn't always work and why agents of influence are important
  • The Second Circle: How to communicate with people near C-Levels
It was awesome! I've been working in advertising and communications for quite a long time, but I would like to say thank you to Leonid Bugaev for the course "C-Level Sales and Networking".

Curious to learn new things for myself. There is a lot written about reaching out to decision makers, but Leonid managed to structure the solution into concrete steps with examples and cases.

The course involves both practical assignments and working on yourself in terms of perceiving the approach.
It is not about hardened "sales scripts", but about the approach to communication and building long-term relationships with top executives from real companies. The result of the course for me was the realization that I really do everything as it should be done!
For newbies and newbies, this is a solid ground for transitioning into relationships with complex clients. The key is to learn how to use it competently.
Gennady Zhukov
Senior Business Development,
Great Advertising Group
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