«Mobile networking:
how to develop business relationships on the go»
We help to overcome initial barriers in communication with clients, employees, managers and subordinates. We teach how to quickly and correctly use mobile technologies in communication: e-mail, short messages, chats: how to communicate after a live meeting.
One-day practical training that combines algorithms for developing business acquaintances and further developing online relationships.
  • For employees of large companies: development of a network of business relations with new customers, colleagues, partners, contractors, investors.
  • For department heads, business units and directions whose future depends on the growth and development of employees and the relationship between them (external / internal communications, including networking).
  • For top managers, CEOs and business owners who understand the importance of communication skills, the use of technological advantages of mobile technologies.
  • For HR directors who are looking for an effective program for the development of soft skills of their employees and at the same time understand that the main trend in communication is the use of mobile technologies.
  • Teach to expand your business network of contacts.
  • Get to know people and establish mutually beneficial business relationships with them.
  • We will show how to do it quickly.
  • How to return to an inactive state an inactive network of business contacts.
  • How to use this network on the go, on the move.
  • Learn to segment your contacts and remember about important events (key dates / events / notes) by the key contacts of the training participant.
    Implement a set of touches that will lead to building trust in your network of contacts.
For each corporate client, their own unique training program is developed on the basis of an audit, assessment of goals and objectives, determining the audience and participants of the training, assessing preliminary training, and the level of development of current communication skills.
as a result
Training participants with operational (mobile) communication skills and developing relationships with key clients / colleagues / partners both in live communication and using mobile technologies.
He provides courses for large companies in Russia and abroad (Google, Microsoft, KPMG, Toyota, Orange Business).

The author of the methodology and training «Mobile Networking», the author of the book of the same name.
Leonid Bugaev
Leading networking practitioner in Russia
Training difference
We do not theorize. We are engaged in the implementation of the skill and overcome barriers in practice.
We pay attention to the questions of the training participants and their tasks. We help change.
Teamwork: the strength of training in participants who are willing to change and use networking skills in their work
Work stages
Where to begin?
Decide on the goals and objectives that you want to receive from the training. If you want your employees to learn to communicate better and better, then this training is the best choice)
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We will be happy to help with finalizing your brief: training format, number of people, which must be taken into account in the process - all this can be clarified in the dialogue.
Our task: to ensure that your employees get the maximum result. Introduced skills. And they began to use networking in their work.
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We help large organizations, corporations, and their employees use the most effective communication capabilities.

Using networking and mobile technologies, we teach how to communicate quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

We show how to develop business relationships and find a common language with key people: customers, colleagues, partners, customers, suppliers, investors, mentors.
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