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Every Hero
needs a Mentor.
My name is Leonid Bugaev. I work as a mentor; mentor.

I help entrepreneurs find freedom and mobility.

Find the resources that are needed in the next stage of development.

Heroes do not need ideas: they have their own. Heroes need a team, money, connections, solutions. Breaking Deadlocks. Heroes need the right action.

I work with great teams and team leaders. Helping them to become even stronger.

Each of my wards has big and important goals.

It unites us. The importance of goals.

Leonid Bugaev

  • Investor, entrepreneur, mentor.
  • 220 mln £: the cost of the group of companies that Leonid helped with the IPO
  • International experience: 16 of the world's largest brands have worked with Nordic Agency AB (the agency Leonid founded)
  • He advises top managers of the largest companies in Russia and the CIS: projects in the field of communication and mobile solutions.
  • Mentor of leaders of fast-growing teams and companies
        Prior to launching his business, Leonid Bugaev worked at Artemy Lebedev Studio. He created startups in the field of digital.

        He worked in a leadership position in the IMSG group of companies (the first among Russian marketing companies to IPO).

        He is engaged in investments in real estate and in the field of mobile technologies (digital products).

        Works with investment funds, startup incubators and business accelerators Google Developers Launchpad Start, Startup Sauna Accelerator Helsinki, GVA LaunchGurus, IIDF, Startup HUB, entrepreneurship development funds.

        Acts on television: Channel One, "Russia", RBC-TV, "Business Success".

        Speaker at conferences: TEDx, Open Innovations.


        In his free time, Leonid advises owners and top employees of companies: issues of building communication with clients and employees using networking.

        Helps startups grow, travels, raises a son.

        Leonid says:

        My interests: mobility and freedom.

        My mission: to help effective entrepreneurs become even better.
        To reach the maximum in development: professional and personal.

        I teach people to enjoy life and get the most out of it: at work, in relationships.

        Mobile technology gives freedom. My task is to show how you can use a smartphone, new communication technologies in order to find three components of a successful life: freedom, mobility and the brightness of life.

        Every day I enjoy the life I live. I radically changed my life, running away from a weight of 104 kilograms and saying goodbye to depression and dullness. He overcame the fears that prevented the launch of the projects that I dreamed about. He went from an employee to a business owner.

        I started writing books, speaking and teaching. Now I earn public speaking; has become keynote-speaker, met with bright people: David Allen, Peter Diamandis, Esther Dyson, Thomas Gad.

        Life gives new opportunities. For everyone.

        I help experienced and novice entrepreneurs overcome barriers and limitations in the systemic growth of business projects.

        It's important who will help you.
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