Strong Business
requires strong connections
Networking training for employees of large companies

Learn to use networking. We enter into business relations with hard-to-reach people: clients, customers, partners.

We are developing a network of business contacts. We teach you how to get resources using working relationships.

«Networking. An important part of business

For many of your employees, networking is a difficult job. Get acquainted, start a conversation, support it. Go beyond the formal presentation, establish a warm contact.

The skill of networking without practice is not given. And just «write a letter» does not lead to results.

Learn how to start and develop mutually beneficial business relationships with important people: «High-flying birds».
We will teach your employees to communicate quickly and efficiently and build business relationships with key business partners, customers, colleagues.

We will show you how to solve problems that are impossible to solve without the people you need.
Business connections
for complex projects
The world of communication has turned upside down.

For the last twenty years, communication has focused on communication in digital and mobile channels: a laptop and a smartphone help us in this. But so far we have not learned to use the new tools properly.

Who to trust? How to build trust for complex transactions? How to be useful to the people you need? How to earn trust?
Networking helps you find strong support from the people you need like air
It happens like this: it's impossible to find a common language.

Relationships do not stick together.

Expectations of cooperation with potential colleagues and partners turn into disappointment. As a result, your efforts, time, money fly to the wind. You have to start over, from scratch: look for key partners or people within your company who can change the attitude towards your project. It often turns out that all deadlines have been missed, work has not yet begun - and you are still at the stage of initial negotiations.

Why is this happening?

The problem is the lack of trust in daily communication. Lack of trust can have two sides: You do not trust or do not trust you. You are exhausted, trust is lost, anxious thoughts keep you awake at night, you are no longer happy about anything. Disappointment, headache, stress - all this happens when you can not convince the other party of the correctness of your choice, your actions, your ideas.

Networking helps you find strong support from the people you need like air. And avoid all these troubles in advance.

  • How to enter the closed circles of communication?
  • How to accelerate your career using the power of connections?
  • How easy and fearless to meet successful people?
  • How to keep dating and not spend a lot of time on it?
This program will help:
Executives /
It is necessary to build complex communication between the conflicting parties of daily work processes.

They are in a constant conflict of interests: shareholders are pressuring from above, middle-level employees are striking from below.

The task: to find communication between mutually exclusive interests of different departments, to face each other, to connect, to force to communicate and constantly to find time for clarification of a real state of affairs "in economy": to be able to recheck information, to "trade" information, to build difficult communication between conflicting parties .
departments and divisions
The constant need to protect the resources of the department, division, branch (time, deadlines, budgets). The need to build business relationships both horizontally and vertically.

Ability to find customers and clients: both internal and external (indirect customers, direct customers, subordination to the matrix structure, a large number of policies in daily business processes).
in matrix subordination
Faced with the need to communicate and receive information about the market (communication with customers, competitors, partners, current and potential).

You need the skill to communicate and recheck information both in your company and in other companies. We need experience in negotiating with partners: M&A deals, possible negotiations on the acquisition of strategic resources.

The ability to communicate with law enforcement and control structures. Ability to "solve problems".

The desire to make money on their relationships.
Employees of companies with state participation
The need not to lose the achievements:
career, power, formal status.

The desire to gain diversity in life: leisure, culture, entertainment, backstage communication with people who have certain achievements in life.

The desire to make money on their relationships.
Conducts courses for large companies in Russia and worldwide (Google, Microsoft, KPMG, Toyota, Orange Business).

Author of the "Mobile Networking" method and training.

Author of the book of the same name.
Leonid Bugaev
mobile networking practitioner
You will get
Implementing networking and communication skills will help you and your employees:
Clear communication skills
will understand how communication between people works on
high level; how to build trust.

How there is an exchange of opportunities, information, experience among people who are engaged in large-scale and significant projects every day.
Trust relationship
Start developing deep, trusting relationships with the people who are important to your projects: in business, politics, your industry, and personal projects.
Clear achievements
You will find people who are able to protect your achievements: in health, at work, in business.
Exchange of valuable information
Learn how to share valuable information with other people and benefit from it.
Influence on people
Learn to influence people through communication.
Your value in resources
Define your resource base and form your key competencies and key opportunities. You will form your value, thanks to which people will be attracted to you.
IT-companies, banks, agencies and FMCG
Networking at Corporate level
You can request contacts of people and companies and ask them personally about the results of employees after training
"The most important thing in networking from Bugaev: Leonid learned this not only from theoretical knowledge, but also from the great practice of success and mistakes."
Dmitry Denisov
Founder. Atmosphere8 Company
"The most important gift of this program is the awareness of responsibility for your life and the feeling of the helm that you now hold in your hands."
Julia Fateeva
Leonid Bugaev is a man, thanks to whom my life began to change for the better. I was lucky enough to get into his group and get a magic kick, which was so lacking. When there was a feeling that change was just necessary. Now everything is starting to gain momentum, not immediately of course, but I feel that I am on the right track. It is great luck to meet such a person on your life journey.
Julia Fedoseeva
"The event was held at top-level.
In addition to the next good acquaintances, I was able to bring out new information to be implemented, as well as a number of wonderful tools. Thank you very much Leonid! "
Alexander Doroshin
General Electric Company
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Practice - 70%
Будет ли практика на тренинге?
Yes, practice is the basis of networking. We will simulate meetings with key people, we will learn to get acquainted and introduce ourselves, to exchange contacts. We will learn to enter and leave the conversation, to be remembered and to be useful.
How suitable will this program be for our company?
Each organization has its own characteristics: the market in which the company operates; the maturity of the company, its size, the composition of the participants for whom the training is being prepared.

We take into account all the expectations of the group - and prepare trainings for specific participants.
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