open up
unlock the sharing economy
to get rid of locks

The key here is a clue

The key gives an access to something valuable: storage, bike, car or house. However, my idea is rather sharing than opening. In order to make this 10^9+ we need to change everything in our culture: thinking (owner's thinking); legal procedures, economy, distribution. The old key locks the creativity. These doors could have been open and certain resources could have been accessible.

The important step is to change perception of the keys and locks. We have to create a grid of interconnected locks and keys. It's a tricky thing.
Unlocking the Locked doors

Before the lock

The lock was the only alternative to this simple lock for security. The door would have been posting a guard.

This used to be a first dematerialization of security made at the ancient Egypt. The next target is the key itself.




Perfectly Secured. Accessible to others.

We could be much richer if we shared things.

the key

from an object to idea

Everything we carry in our pockets adds weight to our lives.
Take a moment to eliminate unused keys from your holder. Get rid of it.

no more keys

keep your pockets empty
Long way from owning to sharing
From commute-bus sharing to carsharing to... peer-to-peer education, peer-to-peer travel experiences or peer-to-peer accommodation.
"Don't ever think you have something on lock, because someone always has a spare key."

- Tupac
Humans have been using old-fashioned keys opening simple tumbler locks for thousands of years. Next big shift lies not in technology, but in psychology. Is it safe? Is it strong? Is it affordable? Is it mine?
Smart phone. Smart home.
Lock veterans like Yale and Schlage along with a burgeoning number of startups — intend to lead the way toward a keyless future. This year, both companies announced new connected locks that will open with the swipe of a smartphone or even the sound of your voice. Schlage's new Sense lock works with Apple HomeKit so you can use Siri to open your deadbolt. It also works with an old-fashioned key.

What about competitors?

August. Skybell. Kwikset. Latch.

Yes. We read the news about Yale, Schlage and Lockitron locks. "So why we need to create new locks?"

Because they need to be cheaper. 10X, 100X.

And there's no room for outdated technologies like AA batteries.
Next steps
The 10^9+ idea
The Keyless App changing industries

swapping, exchanging, shared ownership.

App connected to the Keyless grid gives you an access to your car and all the hotels, cars and AirBNBs in the city.
Leonid Bugaev
mobile business solutions expert

author of two books in Mobile Marketing and Mobile Networking.

Founder and Creative Director of an advertising agency Nordic Agency AB;

Curator of Mobile applications design course in British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow, Russia.

Working for Apple, Samsung, Microsoft.
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